Biltong Dryer - 245lt

245lt Biltong Dryer
Biltong Dryer - 245lt
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  • It is completely manufactured from stainless steel and is an efficient and economical way to produce biltong.
  • Its is powered by a 0.5KW element mounted below the unit which generates heat until 50 degrees. Controlled by a thermostat to ensure that you have consistency of product.
  • The unit has control for all aspects of the process including fan and elements so you choose how you prefer your product managed.
  • There are two rows of 5 hangers strategically placed to ensure you get the most use of the space inside. Hanging rods are food safe and sturdy.
  • The door is sealed by magnets for ease of convenience and has a lock to protect your products.
  • Size: 450 x 500 x 1000mm
  • Rating: 0.5KW Single Phase
  • Can cure +- 25kg of wet product at a time